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currently reading~ h2o, sayonara o oshiete, towelket series, teninai, toheart2, kikokugai, shuffle!, noesis, and gangsta republica.

Towelket 2-6:After finishing the second game I feel like I finally actually appreciate the series. I still dont care for the first game but after reading more of the entries into the series I actually feel like its something i really enjoy and think about regularly. I really like Paripariume and Lasagna and think theyre my favorites and am really excited to read/play more from this series, especially the spin-offs and fury.

Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni:i havent fully finished ppart one of higanbana yet but i already have a lot of thoughrs abt it... i really love ryuukishis writing when it comes to traumatized characters and feel its some of the best traumarep ive seen in anime/vns/general and. while he is obviously in the wrong and framed as a bad character i canaot help but want to bash the teacher i already hate his ass sm and. i also find the plot of higanbana very intresting considering the character irie from higurashi anf his whole thing with satako? makes mewonder like..what went on behind the scenes of tbe higu anime because with all the higurashi animes fanservices higanbana feels very respectful of sa victims. i havent fully played through tbe higurashi vn yet so i dont know how irie is treated character-wise hopefully the same way that the teacher is framed here.. again i really love. tbe amount of respect for marie and the narrator(or who would be ryuukishi telling the story?)'s respect for her situation anf while very much a very overwhelmingly almost cliche sad bullied character in a horror vn it feels like a breath of fresh air when other vns/vn devs might make traumaporn out of it (lookign at you subahibi) anf i honestyl feel like this should be considered a denpa from what ive read sofar. i really like it so far anf hope to see the same respect for Marie going forward.

H2O -Footprints in the Sand-:despite all of the (very annoying anf cliche) fanservice so far ive still enjoyed h2o so far. i really enjoy the aestetics and writing of the characters and hope that affter the initial fanservice theres not much more and im very excited to see the charcaters fleshed out more.

Chronoclock(dropped):i really wanted to enjoy chronoclock but there was so mcuh fanservice and weird protagonist behavior right off the bat and it just got so boring.. literlaly like first chapter anf im already wanting to skip stuff because of the amount of unnessesary fanservice and again weird incel protag behavior. rlly wish there was an all ages version cuz i feel like itd be more enjoyable. the characters where cute but again the sexualization of them was rlly unnessesary and overdone and the only character i really enjoyed was cro, and even her personality was just. extremely dry, matching with the rest of the cast. as i didnt read much obviouslt i wont get all the chaarcter development but they all feel like static characters built off steryotypes. BAM boring i hate this

Subahibi:I really love subahibi a lot anf as a visual novel i think it is one fo my favorites... i really enjoy how everything is peiced togetehr and even with its flaws i found it to be a. very healing visual novel? I dont think some of the characters trauma is treated with as much respect as for example higanbana but i think it does a really good job of expressing itself anf its thoughts... confusing but also in a nice little package that makes sense with all the cgaracters anf how zakuro impacted everyone/how trauma in general can impact people. i really enjoy how all the characters are written especially ayana? even though shes a side character i just love her and find her very silly and complex as a character. i really enjoy her inclusion because she adds. a sense of reality to the game? in asking all the characters like. what their motivations or thoughts are. shes a really cool character even as a plot device. i also really enjoy zakuro and kimikas writing especiallt when it comes to their experience with bullying. while more on the extreme side of it thats what bullying is and i found their experience really personallu relatanle and i really loved zakuros ending with kimika. it was really sweet and encouraging albeit "unreal" in the stories canon it wil always live on in my head... the branching plot is so cool because of. exactly how mcuh the events impact the characters. i really enjoy kimikas writing as welll in how her trauma is handled? she kinda comes off as a bad character at times but its reasonable in her circumstances and i really like her "redemption ark thign... i also really like how the whole game starts with the new yukis reality rather thna jumping into it straight away. it adds a really cool layer to the story tldr I LOVE SUBAHIBI read it (only if u. are in a good spot mentaily anf can handle rough topics)

Towelket 3(dropped):WARNING FOR THIS REVEIW ITS BAD. i actuallt debated putting this here jsut because of how embarrased i was for playing it because i fucking hste towelket so much. It gets so repetative and boring and at every point wherr the story could have a somewhat satisfying end it drags on more. the character design and atmosphere is cute but thats all it really has going for it because the story is boring, repetative, and just lame..i hate the stupid little mouse people (forgot what theyre called because of JUST HOW MUCH I HATE THIS GAME...but the way it treats sexual assult is so weird and disrespectful in my opinion, using it as a cheap joke that no one laughs at. i fucking hate this stupid game

Re:Kinder:I rlly enjoyed rekinder! i absolutelt loved the musical choice and the graphics, and the puzzles kinda worked into the fights where rlly nice and kept them fresh :) there r some things i wasn t a huge fan of like the kinda shock value horror aspect of it but other than that the game was rlly fun and kept me invested.

Mogeko Castle:While i did enjou mogeko i rlly dislike deepsea prisoner using assult for shock value. besides that thoguh i rlly enjoyed it and the character design, and loved exploring the special mogekos areas. i also love how dsp puts little collectable items in their games i love having little items.

HeartLovePowerTemple:I LOVED HLPT i love iroja sm and all the charas and backgroudns look so nice together. i love the liquidy styke of everything and also rlly enjoyed conja and tejas relationship ^_^ it had a rlly nice and serene ending and amazing cg art

Yume Nikki:I love yn so so mcuh i love the design of everything and how its able to communicate sm through no words at all... rlly an amazing experienve and i would happuly play it again :)

OFF:OFF will forever be one of mty favorite rpg maker games because i loev it so so so much... the battle themes r amazing and i love the spin at the end and pablo. i loev pablo so much the monochrome desifn is super easy to look at and makes a rlly cool contrast with the corpse liek worker ppl u csn interact with! i did get stuck on a couple of the puzzles but i would happily play off forver a nd just explore it. also loved the sfx.

.flow:I really enjoyed .flow and the design of it. the areas are really memorable and i didnt expect to like the more gorey aspects of it as much as i did! with it being a yn fangame i was worried about the gore since yume nikki uses it so rarely and focuses on more abstract things instead of whats usually attributed to the horror genre in a sense? but i really enjoyed how there was actually a reason for why sabitsukis dreamscape looked the way it does...i hpope this makes sense im a bit tired rn bt. overall i rlly liked .flow and it was very cool :)

reccomend games

Arknights:Recently started to really get back into Arknights.... Ive loved tower defense games forever so im excited to be playing one again. I really like Pramanix and Goldenglow.

Im@s Cinderella Girls:I really like imas i really love all the charas, songs, anf the formatting? of the rhythm maps. cute and cool art i lvoe u imas :3

Love Nikki:I really enjoy love nikki anf the plot of all the chapters! ive been playign for a couple years and while i dont support their weird use of ca anf for many years a lack of diversity its still something i appreciate and i hope to see the devs grow

Electoriar Code:I LOVE EC. the devs r so cool and i love the concept as well as the execution of it. all of the outfits, mecha, accesories etc arer so creative anf i hope someday they add the ability for you to download your characters model bc i woudl love to make mmd videos! my characters name is Meow and her gf is @21c10q's (go check out her art its so cool) Hresvelgro. ec image dump

Beatmania IIDX Mobile:sadlt rlly my only way to play iidx.... my favoritr characters are iroha and xiatian anf my favorite artists are P*Light PASOCOM MUSIC CLUB SOUND HOLIC YUC'e Sota Fujimori ELEKTEL TORIENA and Onoken :)

Uma Musume:ive been playign umamusu for about a year now anf i really love everything about it eben though its just a silly horse raising sim its so amazing to me anf is something i really love.. my favorite characters are rice shower, manhattan cafe, meisho doto, taiki shuttle, mejiro mcqueen, seiun sky, mihono bourbon, hishi akebono, curren chan, smart falcon, tosen jordan, matikanefukukitaru, sweep tosho, yukino bijin, oguri cap, daitaku helios, wonder acute and berno light.

since ive consumed a lot of music this log is starting as of 8/20/22! please check my for past listenings~

Noumiso Shortcake by Tsushimamire:I love this album. I like to listen to it while in the car or reading because i feel like. atmospherically its very mundane? in an amazing very emotionally soudn way like. it feels gut wrenching but in the most slice of life format which makes it rlly enjoyable. i especially love Aircon to Remocon, Baka Moto Karee, Punk-san, and ofc the title track, the favorite of which being Aircon to Remocon. I really love the fluctuating vocals anf after reading the english translation of the lyrics its become very important (along with the whole album in general) to my brain rn. i love Punk-san anf the fun of the track (esp in contrast with Aircon) and its what rlly got me into the album in the first place. also love the hardness and anger thats very. simply expressed in bmk. i like this album a lot.

Zamagi's すごい話があるんだ、聞いたらたまげるぞ!:unsure of the english translation of this albums title but!! while ive been listening to yoeko to kinda immerse myself in how i feel during a hard time this albums really helped cheer me up (not that Yoeko hasnt :]), especially the tracks skyward which makes me feel. kinda like a fly but スイチューン aswell, as it reminds me of halicali :) i love the bouncy feel and the switches in vocals, and i really want to listen to. whoever the female vocalist is music more :) her voice is rlly pretty and almost rusty? in a good way and fits the song really nicely and in contrast with the rap is just very fun. feels like somethig that might play at a bar.

Yoeko's demo tracks:over the past week yoekos demo tracks have rllt stuck wiht me. you can almost hear the room their recorded in especially so for mawarimitchi but. i just love them a lot each sonf feels so rawly emotional. i especially enjoy the feeling of higurashi ni tsuite and kidzukubeki koto. i really love higurashi ni tsuites angelicness (listen to: the yokosou part) it feels like. i am in a church full of yoeko. anf then kidzukubeki koto's stylistic differences from her usual work but still being very recognizablt a Yoeko song is rlly amazing to me. her voice sounfs so hauntingly beautiful normally and kidzuku's instrumentals and the reverb of eveyrthing exaggerate that ina way that is. so immersing anf beautiful. i really wish these where officialy released cuzi love them a lot.

Future Cake by YUC'e:ive rlly enjoyed futute funk recently adn yuc'es work is so nostalgic becuade ive actuslly been a fan of hers for a while now! liek i said im getting back into future funkish kinda stuff(ik she doesnt only do future funk but its easy to use :']) but i rlly love the whole album i thinkg that future cake anf future candy are really cute and enjoyed all the tracks inbetween! i rlly loev nightclub junkie too i think its veyr cool how it switches between tbis kinda retro swing style thing that was rlly popular in like 2014 i think? forgot the genre but the switch between that anf tbe main part of the song is rlly cool! i also think poison is very groovy anf reminds me of bemani i like it a lot

Yoeko Kurahashi's Tadaima:I've been relistening to Yoekos albums a lot as of late and alogn with Ochuugen its my brains yoeko album of the month. i rlyl love all the songs on tadaima and specifically tamagotoji means a lot to me as it ws my first yoeko song. specificallt pierrot, koko ni iru, tate, and radio are my favorites right now. I absolutely love Yoekos composition and how she conveys emotion through her song, koko ni iru specifically being one of my favorite examples, specifically this version being my favorite for the amount of sadness that radiates from it, and then the madness that can come from being alone for so long. I also love seesaw and the almost music box feel of it? it feels deeply nostalgic and sad, and my personal interpretation of it is someone whos very aware of reality anf things like pain/suffering/etc looking back on a playground and kinda reminiscing the innocence? anf wanting to go back to that childlike state of unknowing, the childlike states being light sounding almost, and then going to more deeply emotional sections with the chorus, violin, and then the almost echoogn desu ka anf nandemonai yoeko repeats throught the song. Tamagotoji, bengn the next song on the track so nice anf fun anfd is exactly what it lables itself as.a bright nostalgic sogn that is just. absolutely day brightening to listne to and always makes me happy. ialso love scenario and it feels exactly like havign a meltdown in public and i thingk is another amazing example of Yoekos ability to portray such emotion and feeling through song.... her tone throught the song almsot feels mocking or like someone whos being talked down to anf tbe sadness, anger, and embarrasment that comes from havign a meltdown or potentially a panic attack in publci with people staring at you anf everything. It has so much anxiety within it anf its amazing. pierrot also feels while deeply nostalgic somewhat bittersweet? lie somepne whos just going about life wanting it to be fun/energetic like the energy of a circus->pierrot kinda? but just having a similar schedule and days over and over like everythings repeating but still seeking more. idk i jsut love tadaima so mcuh and Yoekos composition.

The SoulTaker and Monogatari:Havent finished either of these shows but im grouping them together since they where both made by Akiyuki Shinobu and share a lot of my favorite things about them. I love the stylism, the slow but intricate plots and characters. So excited to see more from both of these and already appreciate them both a lot

Yuru Camp (2/12):i really enjoy yuru camp so far in both its relaxed really peaceful atmosphere anf its educational segments!! it very muhc stimulates my brain in a way that some other slice of life/cgdct anime havent done in a while :) makes me tired but in the best way possible anf it feels like. i am getting to know the characters along with the protagonists its very sweet and enjoyable.

Code-E(1/12):i can already tell im really gonna enjoy code e from the synopsis it has a very fun sounding concept and really enjoyable characters so far! the arts cute and soft and just very. kind almost and im veyr excited to see more from this show.

Iriya no Sora, Ufo no Natsu(2/6):I really enjoy this show so far especially the denpa elements anf thr cinematography so far. i really like almost everythign about it from the style to composition of it as a whole and dont rlly have anything else to say other than i wish there wasnt as much fanservice as there is? even with the small amount thats been in it so far it just feels really out of place in what so far is a cool show.

Saikono (dubbed, 2/13):I really enjoy saikono so far. Shuuji actually ended up not bothering me a lot and i really enjoy he and Chises dynamic so far. i really enjoy albeit kinda cheesy Shuujis words to Chise regarding her self confidence. I also really like robot stuff in general and think Chises androidness fits with her both character-wise and metaphorical-wise and could be a really cool thing people may see themselves in. I like the aestetic of the show so far aswell, and the colors are all just really nice to look at and the scenery is really pretty. Im really excited to see more of this show anf hope that it continues to be! as nice as it is so far.

A Kite (1998, dubbed, cut version):I really enjoyed Kite and I think my favorite part about it was the cinematography of things? All the scenes feel really nicely put together and atmospherically it all looks. just very nice and impactful. I think the limited cast really works and some of the scenes really hit hard because of the like i stated earlier composition and cinematography. The soundtrack also fit really well and i specifically really liked the solo instrument jazz music that playrd over scenes that would be traumatic for the characters i think it worked really. well in contrast with the scenes. i really liked Sawa's character anf i feel like she was written really nicely especially when it comes to a character thats been groomed for years and has so much trauma/trauma shes dealing with on a daily basis? The scene where shes talking to Oburi and she has flashbacks to trauma really hit me hard and i really liked the ending.

coming soon~

mystery flesh pit national park:i rlly like nmfp anf think both in concept and execution its one of ym favorite arg type things... rlly love it anf hope to see more from the creator as its oen of my favorites. wish i could visit the fleshpit.

petscop:petscop is ltirally my favorite arg ive been a big fan of it for about. 3 years i think anf it means so so mcuh to me from the lore and it being almost open ended/the many interpretations you can have of it to just the world building and plot in general... i think its so cool anf the execution of it is amazing. ive also partiallt played giftscop (i say partially as i was not able to enter the code for some reason) and enjoyed that as well (even with the small bit i was able to play). i also love the symbolism and puzzles and i thikng petscop 17, 18, and 24 are my favorites along with the first episode of course.