more info soon abt dream friend dream simulator, a multimedia project based in visual novel format

cant believe tbt its been a little over a year since i started this project. while i love it im super happt to see how much ive accomplished and see that its almost done. designs have been super super finalized, protag has been given a name~ Lilith, previously almost incomprehensible ramblings and general typing errors have been (mostly) fixed and half of the in game week has been reworked to its final form. while i dont want it to be super short i think the play time can be estimated to around 2 hours depending on reading speed, routes, etc. the CDM (co-dreaming mechanism) has also been worked out whihc i am so happy about because i fiddled with how it worked for a whikle. mostly just polishing things up before going ahead and working on sprites and cgs. Music is also being worked on but moreso in the background as i dont plan to go super all out with it and plan on using some songs ive already put out and such. expected release date is around the end of the year ^_^
ALSO!! as a one year suprise here are some character files~~ (without images...yet)
RUMIA~ president of the dream club. very passionate about what she does and through her timid seeming exterior lies a happy go lucky bubbly girl. enjoys attempting to organize the clubroom and making it as cozy as possible~ fun fact: has kept an extensive diary of not just dreams but her day-to-day life, inspired by her love of documentaries as a child.
NOEL~ vice-president of the dream club! wanted to join the occult club but was denied since they had too many members. is childhood friends with Rumia and is a lover of sciences, philosophy, and other similar things. fun fact: she is a big fan of magical girl shows, and has been since she was young and her and Rumia first met. inspired her love for magic-like things.
MARA~ veyr very energetic and an amazing cook. prides herself on her (greatly appreciated) ability to make coffees and teas aswell and is the resident wrecker of the dream club. she is the reason the room is as unorganized as it is and enjoys doing crafts while listening to Rumia and Noel talk. fun fact: she and the protagonist have been best friends since freshman year and actually met through Mara's participation in the baseball club's bakesale. has a super-love for baseball and collects trading cards with her favorite players on them.
refined and got some more of the gamw coded, now on day 2. working on giving the characters more unique speech pattersn and debating actually writihn iy like. with proper grammer but idk... also debating giving the mc a proper name and design instead of just leaving them as a blank canvas type character. and doodles from today~

the second image is rumias old design, and the third is her new design.

dev diary

doodle from today

image diary #1

i started coding a couple months ago so this diary is a bit off but i fixed the first day and dreams dialouge, story, and placeholder names. finalized story and character designs, began planning dream sequences. songs for the classroom and last couple of dreams have been made.